Eternal Darkness (A Poem)

No more…
for in darkness…
there will never be any light…

in the end only a gentle calm wind…
can blow out a candles everlasting ember…

and one last concluding tear will…
splash tragically to the ground…

surrendering a tormented soul…
from his repressing chains forever…
@Touching Madness

Ideation (A Poem)

A single combusting encounter
transfigures a muddled mind 

a mutiny! corroding sadness
altering all fulfilment to ashes 

tip-toe around my fallen tears,
allowing the black pool to gather
at my feet 
Tragedy is drafted and to be endured
alone only accompanied by darkness 

look-away while the defunctive mists
suffocate as they must protect 

shelter the unaware – allowing a final
descent into another untimely slip into madness 
Unsheathe the lunatics mentality, exposing it,
letting him perform his final ballad 

pathetic as it may be – watch him sink into
a sad emotion abyss with no escape 

grappling between reality and death
– wrong or right – an eventual leap of faith 
Another life left with an unknown fate…  
@Touching Madness

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